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Mosaic Monday ~ Margaritaville

I thought I'd share some photos from the gulf coast taken over the years since I’ve got Margaritaville on my mind. Jimmy Buffett was in Gulf Shores Sunday doing a concert for the coast. It was to promote tourism and give everyone a little break from the oil spill. We didn't attend it, didn't get tickets, plus I don't think I could have handled the crowd or the heat. We watched it live on CMT and loved it. The first 10 minutes I couldn’t stop saying “OMG, look at the crowd!” Great turn out - 35,000. CMT plans to air it again a few more times so maybe you can catch it if you missed it.

He even reworked his song “When the Coast is Clear”. Here is a video clip from the show.

Link to Music Video
Where is Margaritaville? I think it's wherever you want it to be, wherever you make it. It’s been several places for me…. From a Midwestern river, a northern lake full of fish, a quick trip to the east coast, a vacation condo at the beach, to boating the intercoastal or fishing the gulf, to a kiddy pool in the suburbs, to a screened-in porch with cheap chaise lounge chair. And no I’m not a drinker but I’m really good at being a beach bum. :-)

So where is your Margaritaville?

~ Melody

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Pensacola Lighthouse Florida

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