Friday, May 5, 2017

Hello Again

Welcome to my blog, the blog formally know as "Fresh Go Vintage".  I thought it would be best to just rename this blog since it's become such a mix of things.

The original name was an extension of our Go Vintage website.  When my family and I first got started on the internet we sold a lot of vintage items on eBay. So Go Vintage was connected to our antique and collectible sales.  Over the years we have expanded into other business so vintage doesn't really fit anymore. We do all still dabble in vintage items but not as frequently. We still brake for yards sales, scan the estate & auction listings, eBay, and keep an eye on C list of course. Now we collect and keep more often. Once you've caught the junk bug, it's in your forever I think. 

So from now expect to see an ever wider mix of things. Thanks for stopping in. 


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